Amidst the thrills and joys of everyday life in the workplace, there is an obscure struggle confronting most professionals. A struggle that has crushed dreams and aborted many possibilities. The struggle is striking an ideal balance between work-life and pursuing one’s passions. 

However, some have narrowly triumphed in this struggle. We will soon discover that it takes an inordinate amount of discipline, resolve and sheer willpower to lead the life you desire.  

In this edition of INNOVATOR’S MIND, we are taking an exclusive and spellbinding trip into the life, work and music of DSTI’s Junior Product Manager, emerging hip hop artist, and sensational lyricist Hindolo Magbity otherwise known as ‘N.Doe’. 

Performance on Independence Day at Bintumani Conference Centre

We interviewed the “Nor Blame Dem” crooner on the evolution of his artistry and personal life. His answers revealed startling truths on how he has worked to maintain the balance between work and play.

  1. When did you start rapping? 

I started writing raps at age 14 but started rapping at the age of 16. 

  1. Who or What inspired you to start rapping? 

Ice Cube and Lil Wayne inspired me to start rapping, but I have always loved music as I used to help out my elder sister with her lyrics. During my final year of high school, I joined a crew called GHM (Grand Hustle Movement), inspired by the TIGHL crew in America. We performed some of our songs at a school event, and everybody loved our music. It was at that point that, I decided that I would make music.

  1. Describe your artistry and music?

I make ‘relatable music’, which is why I uniquely blend English and Krio in my songs. The aim is to reflect diverse scenes of life. I want my music to touch and connect with people in any given mood or state of mind. So if you wish to turn up or you are feeling down, N.Doe is your guy. My catalogue consists of party music, uplifting music, conscious/motivational tunes.

  1. Do you have an agent or manager? 

No, I Am fully independent right now, which gets a little expensive.

  1. Are you open to the idea of working with a manager or a record label?

Sure, but there are certain consultations and negotiations that will have to be done. If everything checks out fine then I’ll be thrilled to work with a label.

  1. As a full-time Junior Product Manager at DSTI, how have you maintained a balance between your work life and chasing your music career?

I believe that fluidity is critical. You must adapt your schedule to make plans for contingencies. Another thing is that you must prioritise and be disciplined to achieve your goals.

  1. Has working at DSTI helped your music career? 

Working at DSTI has profoundly impacted my music. DSTI has taught me about being hardworking, thinking outside the box and how to produce quality work that has an impact. Plus DSTI is a family that genuinely hypes, vibes, and supports my craft. In fact, my latest performance at Sugarland beach was facilitated by a colleague from the office. 

  1. How do you think we can merge technology and innovation to improve the entertainment scene in Sierra Leone?

The recent trends in technology and innovation offer many opportunities the industry can seize. One option is to develop a website that makes SL music readily and easily accessible, as is the case in other African countries. We can even leverage the USSD system to update citizens via SMS when new music projects are released.  With technology and innovation, the opportunities are endless. 

  1. What has been your biggest win so far? 

I’d say working with Mike Millz has been my biggest win. He is a notable producer from Ghana who’s worked with Manifest and other huge artists.

  1. Where do you see N.Doe in the next couple of years?

 N.Doe will be a household name in Sierra Leone, collaborating with artists in and out of Sierra Leone and having endorsement deals.

  1. Name two local and two international artists you would like to collaborate with? 

Two artists from Sierra Leone would be Drizilik and Donnie Major. From the rest of Africa, Ladipoe and Sarkodie. In the International scene, I’d be honored to work with J. Cole and Chronixx.

  1. Name two brands that you would want an endorsement deal with? 

Adidas and probably one of the major financial institutions in Africa.

  1. What new projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on my first EP, due for release at the end of November and my new single drops this month, stay tuned for the release date. I am honestly working hard on driving Sierra Leone’s music scene to the global stage. 

  1. What advice do you have for anyone who wants to pursue the journey to superstardom? 

Just keep doing you. It’s not easy being an independent artist for sure, but even if a record label comes your way, never fold because you want that opportunity. Make sure you go through the contract and ensure the arrangements are in your favor. Pray as well, keep working on your craft; strive to be innovative, create quality music, make sure you get better, and never settle for less and always aim for quality.

Unfortunately, not all of us are opportuned to work in spaces where we can actively pursue our passions or where our work complements our passion like N.Doe, but no matter where you find yourself, learn to develop adept strategies to maintain the focused balance necessary for your personal and intellectual growth or to pursue your passion.  

Listen to his music here

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Performance at Bintumani Conference Centre

Performance at Sugarland Beach

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