(Cross Section Of The Team, Partners & Participants With Minister Salima Bah)

In a groundbreaking initiative, the 50in5 launch orchestrated by DSTI Sierra Leone and UNICEF Sierra Leone marked a pivotal moment in the global drive towards inclusive digital public infrastructure. 

(Participants From Different Universities)

With 70 innovators converging to explore the role of DPI and Digital Public Goods, the event witnessed impassioned calls from the Minister of Communications, Tech & Innovation, Ms Salima Bah for countries to unite in accelerating this transformative agenda.

(Participants From Different Universities)

The launch, featuring 11 First-Mover countries, signals a collaborative journey to bring safe, interoperable digital public infrastructure to 50 nations within 5 years. Countries such as Bangladesh, Estonia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Norway, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Singapore, and Sri Lanka have pledged their commitment to driving this ambitious goal.

Sierra Leone, a founding Board member of the DPG Alliance, emerged as a steadfast advocate for Digital Public Infrastructure. DSTI Sierra Leone, over the next 5 years, will spearhead the design, launch, and scaling of critical components of DPI.

(DSTI Intern & Generation Unlimited Champion, Abdul Rahim Jalloh Delivering The Vote Of Thanks)

Key voices echoed the significance of healthcare interventions within the Digital Public Goods ecosystem. Mr. Agazi Ambaye, UNICEF Sierra Leone Health Expert, emphasised their role in bridging gaps and ensuring accessible, quality care for all. He furthered that plans are already underway to stage a DPI Health Hackathon sometime early next year.

(Mr. Agazi Ambaye, UNICEF Sierra Leone Health Expert)

Reflecting on the launch, James Houghton, Head of Innovation at UNICEF Sierra Leone, stated, “UNICEF Sierra Leone remains committed at the forefront of innovation with DSTI. Together, we’re launching the 50 in 5 Digital Public Infrastructure Program, empowering communities, one digital step at a time.”

(James Houghton, Head of Innovation at UNICEF Sierra Leone)

Project Coordinator, Bani Forster, encapsulated the essence of Digital Public Goods, stating, “DPGs are not just tools; they are the building blocks of a connected world. By setting high standards, we are laying the foundation for a digital ecosystem where quality meets inclusivity.”

As the curtains lifted on the 50 in 5 initiative, a live broadcast showcased the global commitment to accelerating the implementation of safe and inclusive DPI. The event, with its multifaceted perspectives and impassioned calls for collaboration, set the stage for a new era in digital infrastructure.

(Business Analyst, Monjama Alpha Speaking To Participants)

“In the quest for digital transformation, the 50 in 5 initiative symbolizes a collective leap towards a connected future. It is a call for nations to synergize efforts and harness the power of digital public infrastructure for the greater good.” – Minister Salima Bah

(Minister Salima Bah Flanked By Head Of Project Design & Delivery, Kahil Ali & Lead Software Developer, Ibrahim Bayoh)

(DSTI’s Project Support & Comms Officer, Mary Momodu Facilitating Student Response Session)

“The launch of 50 in 5 is not just a milestone for the participating countries; it’s a testament to the potential of collaborative innovation. At DSTI, we are poised to lead, design, and implement the digital landscape of tomorrow.” – Jasper Sembie, COO, DSTI. 

(Jasper Sembie, COO, DSTI.)

“Being part of the 50 in 5 launch was not just witnessing history; it was actively shaping it. The diverse perspectives and commitment showcased at the event reflect a powerful momentum towards a more inclusive and digitally connected world.”

(Event Participant Making Her Comments)