Project Objective: This project will help support the government to improve the numeracy and literacy level of children in classes one onto classes six. Learnings to be shared across government. 

 Partners: DSTI, EDUCAID, NYAF, SCI, RAN, WVI, STATS SL. & UBS Optimus  

 Impact to date: 

Distance learning models designed by service providers used by MBSSE during the COVID-19 school closures 

Trained 400+ teachers, headteachers, SMCs and community elders. and community elders.  

Intervened with 55,000+ students resulting in improved learning outcomes 

The Human Capital Development Incubator worked on inexpensive methods to improve reading and math skills in early grades. This data will be used to assess the impact of pilot interventions on education quality in the 2019/2020 school year. The Incubator focused on developing local solutions to address the challenges in primary school education, particularly in early grade reading and math. In Sierra Leone, the majority of students struggle with these basic skills. The Incubator aims to use data-driven decision-making, including machine learning, to evaluate education quality and student performance