The Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI) sits in the Office of the President and executes its functions through the Office of the Chief Minister. The Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) serves as an Adviser to the President and Chief Minister of Sierra Leone.

Our Vision

To use science, technology and innovation to support the Government of Sierra Leone to deliver on its national development plan effectively and efficiently; and to help transform Sierra Leone into an innovation and entrepreneurship hub.

Background of the project

Drone technology is an area that DSTI is taking a lead to develop in Sierra Leone. With support from partners DSTI is currently developing a drone take-off and landing field for testing of drones and drone use cases. Drones have already been used to solve problems in Sierra Leone in applications such as disaster risk reduction. Further applications that the drone facilities will develop include mapping/imagery for analytics (education), cargo delivery – small & large payload and connectivity solutions.

For the purposes of designing and constructing the drone take-off and landing strip, DSTI is currently seeking qualified and capable companies to offer design and build services for the said facilities. 

  1. Site description

The site is located at the Njala University Mokunde Campus, situated adjacent to the University Secretariat Building. The site parcel size is 21.7 acres. The soil from visual observation is loamy soil. The topography of the site is that of a relatively uniform level throughout. The land has recently been cleared of elephant grass and some shrub growth.

The site is located at the end of a 390m graded, dirt road leading off from the main Njala University Junction; Njala University Junction is at the end of a smooth bitumen road that is approximately 2.5Km from the main Bo-Tiama highway.     

  1. Work Lots

DSTI and partners have embarked on preliminary works at site including topographical surveys, development of site plan, and site clearance.

The following services are needed of qualified and capable companies to offer design and build services;

Request for Proposals.
Lot 1Design, Construction & Commissioning of Container Office Area of Container Office Area
Lot 2Design, Construction & Commissioning of Solar Energy System for Container Office
Lot 3Design, Construction & Commissioning of Power Transmission and Distribution on Drone Corridor Site.
Lot 4Design, Construction & Commissioning of Water, drainage, waste and recycling facilities
Lot 5Design, Construction & Commissioning of Landscaping and security fence
Competitive Tender.
Lot 6Design, Construction & Commissioning of Drone Runway and Saddle

Lots 1 – 5 will be awarded via competitive RFP process between the top 5 shortlisted companies.

Lot 6 will be awarded via competitive tender process between the top 5 shortlisted companies. 

  1. Criteria

The Directorate of Science Technology and Innovation is currently accepting Expressions of Interest from qualified and capable companies to offer design and build services. Interested companies must submit the following documents via email only to 

  1. Expression of Interest Letter
  2. Detailed Company Profile
  3. Valid Sierra Leone Business Registration Certificate
  4. Certificate of GST Registration (if applicable)
  5. Certificate of National Revenue Authority Tax Clearance Certificate
  6. CVs of Project Manager and Lead Engineers
  7. Practicing Certificate for 2019 from the Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers

All submissions to  should be made by Friday the 4th of October, 2019. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by Monday the 7th of October.