Provide equitable and diverse content to a variety of target beneficiaries (teachers, students, adolescents, youth) 

Equip young people with the skills and resources they need to identify problems in their own communities and design solutions for them. 

Facilitate student learning to increase performance in various subject and topic areas i.e. examination 


 Impact/status to date 

18,000+ registered users on the Learning Passport (14,000 LP MABSSE & 4,000 LP HCD) 

50% of users on the MBSSE instance are students   

20% of users are teachers and 15% parents​ 

BECE pilot found a 20% increase in internal ​student pass rate after a 4-week period 

83 MBSSE staff across 4 districts have been trained on the LP​ 

560 teachers across 8 districts (70 per dist.) have been trained on the LP   

The UNICEF Learning Passport powers digital learning education at the Hubs. The Learning Passport is a highly flexible digital education platform that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of learners and educators- from foundational learning to skills development- across different contexts including formal and informal education settings. The learning passport can be accessed online and offline allowing for flexible learning, especially in remote or rural areas

The Learning passport is a platform that aims to provide digital learning opportunities to support citizens to acquire the necessary skills sets that would make them competitive in the twenty-first-century workforce and global economy.

It has a wide range of options and resources that can be personalised in many ways. It creates a perfect learning environment suited to meet the needs of learners.