Project Objective: This project will help support the government connect every school to the internet and every young person to information, opportunity and choice by bringing meaningful connectivity. 

 Partners: Natcom, MNO’s, ISPS DSTI and Ministries; Youth, MBSSE, Health, Energy, Works, Information 

 Impact/status to date: 

42 schools have been connected to the internet; school authorities, teachers and students have access to the connections in their schools free of charge​ (3 Onlime, 39 Orange) 

Connectivity is being monitored and will be monitored in real time  

50 youth ambassadors nominated by MOYA trained.  

Technical working group and steering committee meeting held 

IsDB funding secured, allowing next phase of expansion to take place 

In 2020, the Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI) partnered with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to launch Project Giga which is an initiative to connect every school to the internet and every child to information and opportunity thereby placing Sierra Leone amongst the 13 “quick start” countries where Giga is moving full-speed to create the infrastructure necessary for implementation. 

Launched in 2019, Giga aimed to ensure connectivity for every school in Sierra Leone. With the support of UNICEF and ITU, the Directorate of Science, Technology, and Innovation has successfully connected 42 schools across the country.

Laptops,tablets and projectors were distributed to all 42 connected schools.