Project Objective: This project will help support the government facilitate the discovery, development, use of and investment in DPGs to address critical development needs and responding to urgent challenges in Sierra Leone 

 Impact/status to date: 

3 high priority projects: Pres Track, IGIS, MDA Pro were assessed against the DPG standards to inform gaps and drive compliance.​ 

DPG advocacy campaign launched, including DPG connect (Laser Cutter training) and other engagements DPG Webinars  

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a reevaluation of project development, service delivery, and governance, with Digital Public Goods (DPGs) emerging as a crucial tool. Governments and partners have focused on DPG capabilities like digital payments, digital identification, and health data information systems to address the pandemic’s challenges. Open-source technology has played a significant role in the efficacy of DPGs, promoting technology development for humanity and a more inclusive society. However, Sierra Leone faces infrastructure limitations that hinder the full potential of DPGs. DPGs, through the network effect, contribute to social involvement and reduce capital expenditure on social issues. As part of the innovation alliance between UNICEF SL and DSTI, DPG Sierra Leone (DPG SL) was initiated to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in the country.