Careers In Tech

Careers In Tech & Innovation Guidance Seminar 


The Careers in Tech (CiT); How to Get Started Program is geared towards introducing technology career options to students and young people with the overall aim of increasing the number of people venturing into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields in Sierra Leone.


In Sierra Leone, tech adoption is relatively low, primarily due to the limited resources available to stakeholders to invest in the education and adoption of technology. A big factor is also lack of awareness and the impact of technological innovations today and in the future. This lack of awareness of the impact of technology starts in our educational system. Many students are less aware of the tech career options available to them, but are instead focused on more traditional roles like lawyer, doctor, engineer, accountant etc. This needs to change if Sierra Leone is to move into an innovative and entrepreneurship hub.

SOLUTION: Our proposed solution is to design and implement a “Career in Tech; How to Get Started” program with the aim of conducting one-hour session visitation to schools (CiT School Tour) and quarterly seminars (Innovation & Career Guidance Seminar) where professionals or experts will engage students from different schools targeting technological career options like data science, software development, blockchain technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence, internet of things, drone technology, entrepreneurship etc.


DSTI and Skool Grind SL


Senior Secondary School (SSS) 1 to (SSS) 3 Students


Increase awareness of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s career options for students.

Contribute to human capital development by targeting 300 students.