In the lush landscapes of Sierra Leone, a quiet revolution is unfurling, promising to catapult the nation’s education system into the digital age. The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) mission has recently touched down in Freetown, marking a pivotal moment for Project Giga – an ambitious initiative aiming to connect 11,000 schools to the internet and dramatically improve learning outcomes for millions of children.

“Today, we lay down the fiber optic cables that will carry the dreams and aspirations of Sierra Leone’s youngest minds into a global conversation,” Dr. Beddi remarked. “It is more than connectivity; it’s a lifeline to knowledge, a path to empowerment, and a bridge to a future without limits.”

Michala Mackay, Director and Chief Operating Officer, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the partnership’s commitment to innovation and sustainable progress. “We are not just investing in infrastructure; we are investing in potential. Every connected classroom lights up possibilities and ignites the talents of our students,” Ms Mackay stated.

James Houghton, Head of Innovation Section at UNICEFSL, reflected on the initiative’s long-term vision. “Access to the internet is access to a world of education. With this initiative, we are tearing down the walls of isolation and inviting the world into our classrooms,” said Houghton.

As these internet connections flicker to life across Sierra Leone, they bring more than just the sum of human knowledge to eager young minds. They bring a promise—a promise of a future that embraces technology, equalises opportunity, and recognizes the boundless potential of Sierra Leone’s youth.

(Dr. Abdul Rahman Beddi, Head of the IsDB mission, At Another Giga Connected School)

Project Giga stands as a testament to the power of partnership and the profound belief that connectivity is a cornerstone for not just education, but for the very progress of humanity. In Sierra Leone, the future is not just bright; it’s connected.